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    Numbers of experts form different enterprises and schools come to visit and exch

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    After nearly half year's construction, our pilot base is approximately finished. During the construction time, numbers of experts form different enterprises and schools come to visit and exchange.

    On August 23rd, the president of Giant Company(Kunsan) paid a visit to our institute. President Dong Jie, vice president Dong Shuai showed them the institute as well as the pilot base. They made a deep discussion about the characteristic and the manufacturing technique of the lightweight alloy materials and the secondary development of high-end equipment.

    On August 27th, the general manager of Chinalco Luoyang Copper Co., Ltd. Wang Wei, head engineer Li Xu and director of technology center Liu Haitao paid a visit to our institute experimental base. They highly commended the function positioning and equipment configuration of our pilot base, and exchanged ideas about the subsequent cooperation in high-quality alloy ingot.

    On September 1st, Glenn Sevelin, the head of technology department of the Linde Group came to our pilot base to provide guidance and support for the instalment of the 10 tons pure oxygen in low temperature flameless combustion furnace.

    Besides, professor Guo Yiping(Shanghai Jiaotong University), professor Yan Yanfu (Henan University of Science and Technology), Wang Bing (Capital Aerospace Machinery Company) also paid a visit to our institute.

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