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    China's first "low-temperature pure oxygen non-flame combustion casting aluminum alloy technology" demonstration equipment is put into production

    Yesterday, the "low temperature pure oxygen non-flame combustion casting aluminum alloy technology" which developed and promoted by our institute and the world top 500 enterprise Germany Linde Group has made a breakthrough in Luoyang. Experts from various countries and regions gathered in our institute for technical exchanges and seminars.

    With the first 6.5 meters high and 605 mm diameter aluminum alloy successfully trial-produced, China’s first 10 tons of high quality aluminum alloy casting equipment which applicated the "pure oxygen at low temperature flameless combustion of aluminum alloy casting technology" announced production.

    Low temperature pure oxygen flameless combustion of aluminum alloy casting technology was developed by our institute and Germany Linde Group. This technology breakthrough adopted liquid oxygen as the accelerant instead of air, which achieved the whole combustion process without producing visible flame. This technology not only can increase the flame area of the burner and the uniformity of the flame temperature but also can greatly reduce the emissions and the metal loss in the furnace. Thus, it effectively improved the quality of metal melt and reduced 50% fuel consumption, 90% nitrogen oxides in the exhaust emissions of harmful substances and elevate the overall utilization rate of resources to more than 65%, significantly reduces the operating costs. Meanwhile, the quality of aluminum alloy ingot can be greatly improved by combining with advanced purification technology and semi-continuous casting technology.

    More than 20 experts from different countries and regions gathered in Luoyang to make a communication of the application and promotion of "pure oxygen flameless combustion in low temperature aluminum alloy casting technology". And they will work together to promote the application of this technology in the countries and regions of Asia Pacific areas and alongside of the “one belt, one road”.

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