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    High-end Manufacturing Equipment and Advanced Processing Technology

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    To meet the demand ofhigh-end manufacturing such as aviation, aerospace, rail and car for special equipments, complete the core of the intelligent manufacturing three big plate(Five-axis NC machining equipment、Aviation/aerospace automatic drilling and riveting equipment、Large friction stir welding equipment),A total of seven series、41 kinds of models of developed intelligent manufacturing equipments:1.Five-axis linkage machining cooperating series products are mainly used in Aircraft engine integrated impeller、Vehicle turbocharger of integral impeller precision machining and structural parts machining,ensuring high precision and high efficiency;2.Series products of large-scale automatic drilling and riveting equipment are mainly used in cylinder parts、variable curvature and single curvature panels automatic drilling and riveting processing,realizing Automation、digitization and greenization of riveting processing;3.Series products of large friction stir welding equipment are mainly used in Aluminum, magnesium, copper, steel, titanium and other metal materials’Welding process, ensuring green environmental protection and High Reliability.

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